Chief Keef and RAW are lending new meaning to the phrase burning through paper, as the rolling products company recently gifted the rapper an entire closet's worth of goodies. "This one closet will be for you and full of you I love you!" Keef wrote on Instagram, showing the wooden enclosure that will now house all of his smoking essentials.

As TMZ reports, the rolling paper company sent 5,000 pre-rolled papers, including 500 that are a foot long to the rapper as housewarming gift for the new home he just moved into. For the average smoker, that might equate to more than a decade's worth of papers, but Chief Keef, whose very rap name suggests he smokes a lot, the stockpile may not make it through the year.

A quick perusal of Chief Keef's Instagram page shows he's long had a close relationship with RAW, with a photo from two months ago showing a package filled with products. "Hi, Chief We had these RAW Organic Hemp Supernaturals Made Just For You. If the package looks odd, its because we didn't want to waste any time getting these to you. Thank you for all of the shout outs!" the company wrote in a letter. Whether the items in the package are the same ones in the above closet isn't clear, but further IG photos show that Chief Keef has long has an affinity for the brand,

Peep some of his best RAW related photos below, with his supply closet included up top.

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