Charles Hamilton continues his comeback road with an appearance on 'Sway in the Morning' satellite radio program. The Brooklyn rhymer performed several freestyles for Sway Calloway and the gang.

During his three-minute lyrical session, C.Ham spit bars over Jay Z’s “Takeover” beat. The “New York Raining” creator drops plenty of zingers and even name drops DJ Jazzy Jeff, Big Daddy Kane, Heather B and Hov, himself.

Afterward, Sway gave props to Hamilton for his superb lyrical skills and then dissed wack rappers who can’t freestyle. “I hate you motherf---ing rappers,” he seethed. “I hate you because you don’t put the time and energy, you don’t have the passion for it.”

Hamilton later showed how nimble his lyrically sharp he really is by participating in Sway in the Morning’s ‘Five Fingers of Death’ segment. In this freestyle challenge, you have to rap over five different beats without missing a step. Many rappers have tried this challenge...and many of them have failed at it.

But for Hamilton, he effortlessly spit numerous acrobatic wordplays that will leave you dizzy. At one point, he recited a laid back flow over Camp Lo’s classic song, “Coolie High.”

Then Hamilton asked Heather B to throw him some topics so he can rap about them during his freestyle session. When the topic of Sway in the Morning was thrown at him, Hamilton rapped, “I wake up trying to say hey to Sway in the morning / I’ve been watching the show / You do have the answers / Unfortunately, I blacked out like cancer.”

In the end, Charles Hamilton is a lyrical dynamo. After years of being away from the rap game, the Sonic rapper is back.

Watch Charles Hamilton Spit Crazy Bars for Sway's Five Fingers of Death Segment

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