These days, the Chicago hip-hop community is heavily associated with the gang scene. However, there are many rappers who want to take the city into a new and positive direction. Chance The Rapper is one of those artists, and he's been very vocal about Chicago unifying to help eliminate all of the violence, and he's been rewarded as a result.

This past weekend, the 'Acid Rap' creator received the Outstanding Youth of the Year Award, presented by Chicago's mayor, Rahm Manuel, and he was extremely honored.

"It was this group of 100 Chicago teens that nominated and chose me as the recipient of the Outstanding Youth Award," he wrote in an Instagram post. "The plaque is awarded to those who earned it based on youth leadership and an ear for the common issues that plague young Chicagoans. I consider it an honor to teach and a duty to learn, so I plan to wear this proudly and continue to lead the city in conjunction with the Evangel World Outreach Center, and other organizations devoted to the next generation.

The 21-year-old rhymer also wanted to clear up the misconception that Manuel chose him as the winner.

"I was ecstatic to see how pleased everyone was with my win, but let me be clear to those who speculated," he writes. "I was chosen by the children, the mayor was only in attendance. #LongLiveTheYoung."