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What in the Hell Is This Buffalo Business? [Photos]
In downtown Buffalo, on Main Street close to Shea's, there is a business that is NEVER open and NEVER has any people in it, but has DEAD stuffed animals inside (creepy). Look at the pics and help me understand what in the hell this business is!
Buffalo Is a World Leader in Drivers Crashing into WHAT?
Home of the best chicken wings, a major draw for concerts, a leader in economic development and now Buffalo is known as a world leader in drivers crashing into buildings!
It started with WIVB TV compiling a list of 26 crash sites in Western New York, and then with Cynthia Van Ness continuing to track…
Man Gets Traffic Ticket after Police See Facebook Post! [VIDEO]
Michael Dalton loves making Facebook Videos in his spare time, according to a local news report in his area, however ... one or more of his videos proved to be unacceptable and landed him tickets from his local Police Department.
Should he or anyone be given a ticket, after the fact, based on a …

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