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Cop Suspended Without Pay For This Fight Video
23-year veteran of the New Orleans Police Department Cortez Hankton has been suspended from the department without pay according to his lawyer Ray Burkart III for neglect of duty and failure to perform his duty.
After you watch the video below, do you think he should have been suspended or is the pol…
Where Were You 12 Years Ago? [Poll]
Most of us remember where we were on Tuesday Morning, September 11th 2001. On this 12th anniversary of that domestic terrorist attack on NYC and Washington DC, we look back at that moment when the second plane hit the Twin Towers.
DMX Gets Naked And Runs Through Hotel [VIDEO]
We have exclusive just released video of rapper DMXXX running naked through a hotel hallway!
Now some are saying that there may be a number of things that made him do this, like a 'truth or dare', a bet, drugs, or maybe his ankle bracelet was sending him strange messages to take his boxers …

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