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Details On Pawn Shop Suicide [VIDEO]
This morning a man walked into a pawn shop in downtown Buffalo, took hostages before turning the gun on himself. Details about his motivation and mental state of mind have been released. Get them here.
Wedding Crasher Steals Wedding Gifts
For most the wedding day is the beginning of a new life with your new partner and it should be the happiest day of your life. Well for this Connecticut couple it was a nightmare.
Seems a unidentified man decided to crash the newlyweds wedding and even though he came empty handed seems he didn't …
Ebola Cure Vs Conspiracry [VIDEO]
The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has caused major concern in now that at least one person in America has been diagnosed with the deadly virus. But there is hope! Two patients in Europe have been CURED thanks to experimental drugs.
Although there are no licensed vaccines, the use of antiviral medicin…

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