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What do Buffalo & Cincinnati Have in Common?
Well the answer to the question is certainly not The Bills or The Bengals...although both teams are normally sitting at home watch the NFLPlayoffs or wishing they were contenders for the Super Bowl.
The answer is however Sports related.....
Studies Show Running May Actually Help Your Knees
The Buffalo Marathon is this Sunday and overjoyed and extra motivated to know that there have been some recent studies suggesting that running may actually be good for your knees as opposed to what has been heard for years regarding running being bad for knees due to the impact,
Well, according to Ne…
Buffalo Bisons Announce A Smoke-Free Coca-Cola Field
The Buffalo Bisons Organization announced that allCoca-Cola Field Bison's games will be Some-Free with stiff stipulations for even E-Cig smokers and patrons who leave the stadium to smoke and attempt to come back in.
Buffalo Bisons Vice President / General Manager Mike Buczkowski, said this:

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