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Buffalo Sabre’s Evander Kane Cleared In Sexual Assault Case
Great news for Evander Kane who was accused of sexual assault in December of last year. According to WGRZ, the Erie County District Attorney's Office is closing the case. The acting District Attorney released a statement saying:  "After a careful and diligent examination of all the known facts,…
Normally Cool Tom Brady Gives Cab Driver the Finger
This is sure to rile up all the Tom Brady haters out there.
Tom Terrific looked more like Tom Te-Finger-Iffic when he was caught flipping the bird to a cabbie. The photo was snapped in New York, where he's already about as popular as an increased subway fare...
Buffalo Bills Continue To Make Changes For 2016-2017 Season
From a somewhat of loosing season, the Buffalo Bills have a lot of work to do this off season. Especially if they want to even think about post season activity. Mario Williams was due a bonus at the beginning of the new league year, but things didn't quite pan out that way...

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