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Buffalo Man Hit by Metro Rail Train! [News Video]
I always wonder HOW!!!!  How does a person get hit by a Metro Rail Train?  Seems you'd have to be standing on the tracks or have someone push you.
Well this dramatic scene, involving a Metro Rail Train, is as bizzare as they come:
CDC Report: NY Fentanyl Death Increase 135% [NEWS VIDEO]
Some unfortunate news from the Centers for Disease Control relative to Opioid related deaths in NYS.
Fentanyl laced Heroin seems to be the main culprit for the increase shockingly surpassing car related death by a whopping 2000.  The statistics are unprecedented, alarming, and tragic...
Three High School Students Add Semen To Baking Assignment
How disgusting! Three high school students added semen to a home economics assignment!
The three boys were arrested after they added semen to frosting during a home economics assignment, which the teacher ate! The freshmen boys, ages 14 and 15, masturbated into containers, then mixed their semen wit…
Take the Steve Harvey ’21 Day Jump Challenge’! [VIDEO]
Steve Harvey's New Book "JUMP" is finally out... and to go along with the book,  Steve Harvey has developed a 21 Day Jump Challenge to get you started on your road to success.
Here's the video that started it all:
Take the Steve Harvey 21 Day Jump Challenge:

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