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You Should Back Up Your iPhone By April 7th — Here’s Why
One of the perks of Apple products and i-things is that they tout getting less viruses and being less hackable.  Well, stuff just got real for about 300 million iPhone users.
The Turkish Crime Family, a group of hackers, somehow got a list of at least 300 MILLION people's iCloud passwords..…
It’s Spring in Buffalo!!!!…Or Is It?
Well the 1st Day of Spring was yesterday and we at least have some bright sunshine today to prove it but the temperatures are not playing along!  We still have cold temps and by Thursday we could be back in to the mid 20's with a few Snow Flakes as well...
Buffalo Celebrates ‘LOCAL RESTAURANT WEEK’!
Now through Sunday, March 26 marks the week long excitement of 'Local Restaurant Week'!  A week where WNY Restaurants get to feature what they do and provide the Community with some great deals relative to visiting their place of business.
The week long event , according to News Report…

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