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Where to Buy Fidget Spinners in Buffalo and Western New York
We've discussed this before, many times!  Fidget spinners are all the rage, especially for kids around age 12 to 17 (unscientific data there...but it just seems to be who's, well, fidgeting with them).
They were initially created for (and marketed to) those who have a tenancy to fidget, and even to h…
The New D.A.R.E Program Abandons All the Old Ways
You may recall President Ronald Reagan and Mrs. Reagan announcing the 'JUST SAY NO" Anti-Drug Campaign.  Well that campaign was geared towards tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana and as you well know; today's drug problem is far more volatile and serious with young people turning…
Piper the Guide Dog’s Last Day at Townsquare Media [VIDEO]
Bill Stachowiak is the Chief Engineer here at Mix 96, and for all four of the stations at Townsquare Media, Buffalo.  In my almost-20-years in radio, I've not worked with a more skilled engineer, and most people don't know how day-to-day operations here depend on the engineering staff…
Favorite Buffalo Mexican Restaurant Re-Opening Delay
Ever since an immigration raid closed four Mexican restaurants in Buffalo back in October, many Buffalonians have waiting with baited breath for Don Tequila to re-open.
We're going to have to wait a little bit longer.
Initially, their grand re-opening was slated for tomorrow (May 11) at 11am...
Most Adorable Salon-Talk You’ll See All Day [VIDEO]
No one listens like a hairdresser.
They play artist, therapist, mom/dad, support name it.
But it doesn't get any more adorable than this little stylist-in-training.
They gossip like they were at the salon, and the little one just repeats everything in agreement...
Skyride Buffalo Is Coming Soon! Details Here!
There are so many great sure signs that summer in Buffalo is almost here (besides the obvious Gregorian calendar...).  The Red Cross Bash, Food Truck Tuesdays, The World's Largest Yard Sale...all signature Buffalo events signifying warmer temps and summer fun...
Poll: Do You Agree / Disagree with Opting Out of State Testing?
Reportedly there is less opting out this year than in years past and many educators are attributing the decrease to the efforts of Governor Andrew Cuomo and his response to parental concerns surrounding Common Core Standards.
Some still feel 'opting out' is the best way to get the attention of educat…
May is National Foster Care Month
May is National Foster Care Month and many confuse Foster Care with Adoption.  The two are completely different.
Foster Care is designed to be a temporary situation with the goal being such that the child is reunited with the biological family...

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