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Generally, people either love a celebrity or hate him/her. Either way, we can’t help our need to read all about the most intimate details of their lives. WBLK keeps you updated on all the scandals…and other celebrity news.

Floyd Mayweather Steps Into A MMA Octagon Ring!
I know, I know....he's not going to do the MMA thing but what if. You never know with guy...I must say this he looks really ready for the Octagon tho. Lets remember Floyd chased that check heavy!! Check the video out....
The Kevin Hart irresponsible tour’ is coming to Buffalo!!!
Tickets are going on-sale this Wednesday, January 31st at noon!
You can also win your tickets right here on Power 93.7 WBLK  this week and all this weekend!! 
Tickets On Sale To General Public For Most Cities Starting Wednesday, January 31
Have you ever heard of “Drunken Donuts”
Not sure if you ever heard of these but there is a new Donut that is slowly trending.
This spot called the The Fifth Hotel, located in Anaheim.....has created Donuts with various flavors like  like tequila lime, orange liqueur, and coffee liqueur, and is a Donut mixed with part alcohol...
Amazon about to take over the Health Car Business
Amazon.com Inc., Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. and JPMorgan Chase & Co. said are about to come together to create a dynamic alternative to the health car business.
Coming soon they plan to off their own health-car services to their employees. He...

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