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Free Pizza For A Year, Check out How
Pizza Hut giving parents of first baby born during Super Bowl free pizza for a year.
For some people, the Super Bowl won't be the biggest thing happening Sunday.Some parents will be busy becoming new parents at hospitals around the country
Buffalo App that digs your car out of the snow.
This is innovation at its finest. Its one of those things where you say, man why didn't I think of that Then again I know why I didn't think of this one because it evolves clearing off other people's snow on their cars. An on-demand snow shoveling app goes live the Buffalo area a…
Will Buffalo be getting mail delivered today.
With the first of the month coming and refund checks arriving, some folks are not sure when their mail will be delivered but some  Buffalo area stations and branches (in zip codes 142) as well as some post offices south of Buffalo will be closed Thursday...

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