Big Dummy Files

Dumb criminals doing dumb things. Need we say more?

Woman Pan Handles For Breast Implants [#BIGDUMMYFILES]
I missed this last week but, Christina Andrews is an absolute Big Dummy. Christina Andrews is walking the sidewalks with a handwritten sign begging for money -- not because she's homeless and hungry, but because she needs a boob job. Her sign reads: “Not Homeless, Need Boobs...
Chief Keef Responds To Kendrick Lamar [#BIGDUMMYFILES]
If you have been under a rock for the last two days, Kendrick Lamar released a verse on a Big Sean song where he calls out a lot of rappers in Hip Hop saying that he is better than them and will murder them (lyrically of course).  Some rappers were feeling left out  of the mix because Kendrick Lamar…

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