Big Dummy Files

Dumb criminals doing dumb things. Need we say more?

Miley Cyrus Is Pregnant By Juicy J ???? [#BIGDUMMYFILES]
Last night at the taping of the BET Hip Hop Awards, Miley Cyrus announced she was pregnant. According to Creambmp this is how it all went down.
“I assure you she’s been doing a lot more than twerking” said Juicy J before Miley Cyrus blurted out that her and…
Jimmy Kimmel Vs Kanye West Fued Is Probably Fake
Kanye West has a problem with Jimmy Kimmel, I don't know if this is real or fake it all just seems like a publicity stunt for Jimmy Kimmel. People just need to leave Kanye alone he is was too emotional.
Crips 4 Christ – Christ Walk [#BIGDUMMYFILES]
This might be the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. Ladies and Gentleman I present to you Crips4Christ - "Christ WALK". I think most gospel rap is horrible but this is really ridiculous.
In the words of my girl Sweet Brown "Aint Nobody Got Time" for cr…
Woman Holds A Gun Up To An Infant’s Head [#BIGDUMMYFILES]
More proof that people have lost their damn minds in the BIG DUMMY FILES tonight. I ran across this on Facebook but shout out the homies over at globalgrind. Here it is a picture of a woman holding a handgun to a toddler’s head has sparked outrage and concern about the child&CloseCur…
Residents Protest A Weave Shop Opening In Neighborhood
Some residents of South Fulton County, Georgia are livid that Beauty Master, a beauty supply store that sells weaves and wigs, will open in their neighborhood. One resident, Dawn Strickland, says: "The beauty supply market is really, truly, not what mirrors this overall community...

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