Big Dummy Files

Dumb criminals doing dumb things. Need we say more?

What Is This Dance Called ? Twerking ? Yiking ? [#BIGDUMMYFILES]
I'm not sure what I just witnessed right here but I didn't like it. So of course I had to share it with you. This woman looks like she mentally disturbed so I wanted to give her a pass.
Then I thought if something is wrong with this woman, why would some one give her a camera to upload this…
Man Puts Girlfriend In Chastity Belt [#BIGDUMMYFILES]
Its getting tough to trust people in relationships just ask this 25-year-old Mexican woman who says her boyfriend has put a lock on her jeans for years because he didn't trust her to stay faithful. She recently went to police because she really needed to use the bathroom and was in excruciating…
The Government Shut Down Is Stupid [#BIGDUMMYFILES]
Okay if your confused about what is going on with US government here is what is going on.
Republicans hate Obamacare. Some of them—the hard right, perpetually angry Tea Party types who are mostly in the House of Representatives—hate it so much that they’re refusing to pass a routine continuing resol…

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