Another reason not to use drugs in the BIG DUMMY FILES tonight. According to My Fox Orlando, a Florida couple was having a lovely night full of cocaine and crack use. While buying drugs the female's phone accidentally dialed 911. Joshua Justice and his female friend who is unnamed, were driving around smoking crack and sniffing cocaine. All the while her phone call was being recorded by 911 who dispatched a police car to the couples location.

This is what happened when the cop stopped the car, “Oh my God! Oh my God! It’s a cop! Put the [expletive] thing out!” the woman exclaimed in the 911 recording. When officers caught up to the two suspects, they explained to the two how they were caught. “Your phone is on,” an officer is heard saying in the 911 recording. “My phone is on?” asked the woman. Now I can't deny that I have called someone by accident on my cell phone, but I don't smoke crack and call 911.

Joshua Justice, was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine and paraphernalia. The woman was taken to a hospital for a blood draw and arrested for DUI. They were also inserted into the BIG DUMMY FILES on 02/08/12. Welcome these crack smoking BIG DUMMIES.