I think this is the most difficult Blog I've ever written... because I'm TORN.

What you'll witness at the link is "somewhat" UNDERSTANDABLE on one hand...but DISTURBING on the other.  There's a New Challenge replacing the "Ice Bucket Challenge" and it's one that...in my opinion... is being implemented ignorantly and unnecessarily.  It's called the "BURN THE WHITE JESUS CHALLENGE"!

I was raised seeing images of the "WHITE JESUS" in my home DAILY!!!!  It wasn't until years later, when I actually began to read The Bible for myself, that I discovered the Birthplace of Christ as being a geographic area of the world such that it's almost IMPOSSIBLE for Christ to have looked like the "GLORIOUS IMAGE" which has been shoved down all of our throats.


I have a very deep relationship and Belief in Christ but do not believe he appeared as he does in the ACCEPTED PICTURES of Christ, as we've known him.  With that said, I also am VERY DISTURBED by this "CHALLENGE" to "BURN THE WHITE JESUS"!!!  This "MOVEMENT" is Racist to it's CORE and is EMBARRASSING to me as an African-American.

Jesus Christ may indeed not be White...and in some circles he just "IS NOT"... PERIOD...but REAL or FICTIONAL...burning a picture of an Image which any number of White people (& people in general) WORSHIP AS THEIR GOD, THEIR SUSTAINER OF LIFE, THEIR CREATOR , and THEIR SAVIOR... is RUDE, IGNORANT, INAPPROPRIATE, STUPID, INSULTING, UNNECESSARY, and in the case of this "Challenge" (as I've said)... the EPITOME OF RACISM!!!

Rather than RAISE AWARENESS in the manner chosen in the video (relative to exposing the origins, skin complexion, and Race of Christ...and based upon any person's convictions); the man in the video (and all others who participate in this "Challenge") could simply present an Image of Christ ... which is more in keeping with what "THEY" believe Christ looked like.  The Challenge, such that persons BURN ALL WHITE IMAGES OF CHRIST, does nothing more than PROMOTE HATE!!!!!  If a person wants to believe Christ is White, Black, Orange, Green, or Purple is of NO CONCERN TO "THE LORD"!!!

Additionally, the most IGNORANT aspect of the video is the IRONIC FACT that the man SEEMS to be Ant-Christian just based upon the FILTHY LANGUAGE he uses...which I will WARN YOU of prior to you watching and listening to the video clip.  I am NOT OVER-EXAGGERATING.... it's bad enough that this person disrespects the "IDEA" of Christ... it's even more disturbing that he uses RACIST REMARKS referencing Christ and White People.   UGGGGHHHHH!!!! DISGUSTING!!!!!