“Bullying What Can We Do To Curb This Growing Problem”? On Know Thyself Community Wednesday


Growing up as a child back in the day, there was always that one child in school that was known as a trouble maker and thought the he had the right to invade the personal space of others. Now I was always taught to never pick or start a fight with anyone, but to always defend myself if my personal space is violated. Everything from notifying school personnel, communicating with my parents, and in those situations where neither was around I had to deal with it on a physical level.

What has changed with Bullying today vs. 40 years ago?

Bullying has always been around but it seems to be a bigger problem today than ever before. Why?

Now some people say that we should let the children handle it the old fashion way! What about removing the person causing the problem immediately? Should we insist that the parents get involved? Maybe corporal punishment is the answer!