Next week we start back on Buffalo's Very Own contest supporting local artist from Buffalo/Niagara Falls/Southern Ontario region. The contest will run the same submit your music and I will review it and if your track gets chosen it will play on The Only Night Show That Matters. Who ever gets the most votes at the week will continue on to be featured again the following week. After 4 weeks of "real" votes the song will go into rotation in The Only Night Show That Matters. Here are some quick tips to make it easier for your song to get chosen.

  • Make Your Edits Squeaky Clean -  There is no room here for any mistakes,  I don't want to risk my job here at the radio station because you thought that you could say F(*K on the radio.  Use common sense, if you wouldn't want to hear a small child saying it edit it out of your song.
  • Master Your Songs - There is all kinds of processing and compression on the radio.  So if your song already sounds like trash the processors on the radio station will enhance the sound to make it sound even worse.  Do you really want this to be the first impression of your musical talents.
  • Songs That Females Like Do Better -  Most of today's media is catered towards females.  Hate it or love it that is what it is.  Most of the songs that popular are strong female driven songs.
  • Label Your MP3s Correctly - There is a correct way of tagging MP3's that allow you to see the artist/song title/year etc.  If your song is titled TRACK 01,  I have no idea who you are or what the name of your song is.
  • Don't Send Every Song You Record - Contrary to popular belief every song you make is not a hit.  Only send your best quality to work, every song is not made for radio only send songs you think the masses will enjoy ask people you don't know to give you feedback.  The best feedback comes from some one who is totally objective.  Your friends family etc, who want to see you do well will not want to discourage you by telling you something is wack.  Keep that in mind when asking for feedback.
The 716 has some very talented artist but there is a lack of motivation, when it comes to supporting your self.   The amount of effort you put into your music career is the amount  of effort you get back.