Today I went to Buffalo's Soup Fest at the Millennium Hotel. Let me start by saying I didn't know that there could possibly be that many different soups out there. The wildest soup I have ever tried was Chicken Noodle soup with hot sauce, but I figured why not live a little. I tried everything from Irish Beer soup to Lobster Bisque. But after trying about 15 different soups I would have to say that my2 favorites were the "Roasted Red Pepper Gouda" From Swing From The Vine Cafe and also (forgive me from not knowing the correct name because I lost their menu) But it was this lime type soup from a restaurant out in Grand Island. These 2 soups were like liquid heaven.

I can honestly say that I am now a soup lover. Also, I heard that Swing From The Vine also has a good fish fry, So you already know where I will be this Friday.