We know that Buffalonians LOVE pizza. We can not get enough of it! But it turns out that Buffalo, NY, is home to one of the oldest pizza joints in the country. In fact, it's in the top ten! But do you know what pizza joint we are talking about?

They've expanded since opening in 1927, and according to Thrillist.com, Santora's is the sixth oldest pizza restaurant in the country. (Apparently the oldest pizza joint in the U.S. is Papa's Tomato Pies in New Jersey, established 1912.)

The family run business started in 1915 when a couple arrived in Buffalo from Italy. The business started with the immigrant couple making Italian cookies and candies in their home and selling them to local stores and on the streets. The couple then purchased a home and then added a store to the front of it, according to Santora'sPizza.com.

In addition to pastries and treats, the family sold pizza. In 1927, Buffalo’s first pizzeria officially opened – Santora’s Pizzeria Napoliatano, according to SantorasPizza.com and Santoras.com

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