As a parent one of my many jobs is to make sure my child is safe or in a safe environment at all times. Nothing seems to be more unnatural than reading a story about a parent killing their child. I couldn't image what it has to feel like to live with the fact that you took your own child's life.

A women in Buffalo, I don't wanna call her a mother because a "REAL" mother would never beat their 5 moth old to death; just admitted to just that ending her court case.
According to WIVB,

Officials announced 23-year-old Denay Foster pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter on Monday. The charges are reduced from the second-degree murder charges she faced at the time of her arrest. Police have been investigating the death of Ver’Naylah Laventure since the child sustained blunt force trauma to her head at her home on 14th Street in Buffalo.

Very sad indeed and my prayers go out to the family. Thankfully even with the plea deal Foster still faces 25 years in prison, if she receives the max.