When people come to Buffalo there are a few things that initially confuse them; so we thought we'd help out newcomers and visitors and translate Buffalo slang (or clarify) for them.


If you are talking about a major expressway you need to use this article first. So it's THE Kensington west or THE 190 north.


It's short for Labatt's Blue, and it's popular here.

The Strip

A three-mile stretch of Elmwood Avenue near Buffalo State College with nightlife, cafes and specialty shops.

The Northtowns/The Southtowns

The suburbs are divided into "Northtowns" and the "Southtowns" due to their geographical locations. The southern suburbs of Buffalo are generally Hamburg, Orchard Park, Boston, Eden, Elma, East Aurora and other towns located south of the Buffalo River.

The Big Blue Water Tower

The water tower, which is located in Amherst, NY, is a landmark for directions and traffic congestion. It's positioned in the area where the 290 meet the 90.

The Boulevard

Niagara Falls Boulevard.


Genesee Beer.

The Kensington

The Kensington Expressway (NY 33).

Lawn Fete

An outdoor carnival held at a Roman Catholic church, usually during the summer and often with a beer tent.

The Scajquada

The Scajaquada Expressway (NY 198).

The Youngmann

The Youngmann Expressway (I-290).


Okay, yes, loganberry is a berry but that's not what people are typically referring to when they say Loganberry in Buffalo. Instead it refers to a beverage that has a loganberry flavor. You can find the tasty berry-flavored beverage at supermarkets and restaurants. (It evens makes the aisle sign at Wegman's).


A Kaiser roll sprinkled with caraway seeds and kosher salt. It's typically served with beef, making a Beef on Weck.