Teachers from Buffalo Public Schools rally for new contracts, but the district claims it will cause bankruptcy! Get the details and vote!

Credit: WIVB

On Wednesday, teachers from the Buffalo Teachers Federation rallied in front of City Hall and Niagara Square for new contracts, according to WIVB. The Buffalo Teachers Federation says educators are underpaid and over-worked. The Federation says class sizes are growing, while pay is not. But the Buffalo Public Schools claims its educators have benefits that most schools don’t have and paying for the increases would cause the district to become bankrupt!

Phil Rumore, the President of the Buffalo Teachers Federation, said “I heard of teachers now that have 40 kids in their class, that’s outrageous, but they haven’t even addressed that issue with us, the bottom line is, I think the Board of Education and the district think that teachers are not angry, well this rally is one of the largest that we ever had in our history with 3 or 4,000 people, I hope it sends them a message, that we are not playing,” according to WIVB.

Do you think paying teachers more is right or is bankrupting the district too much of a risk?