A Chick-fil-A store manager went viral after he gave a homeless guy a meal...in exchange for a prayer. On the surface, it's a nice thing to do, but for our Talk At 2, we are digging a little deeper! Is it wrong to use religion as a bargaining tool? Or is giving the basis of religion? Check out the details and vote!

Brandon Thibodeaux/Getty Images

The homeless man went into the restaurant, looking for some free food, according to a witness. When the homeless man spoke to the manager, he told him that rather than giving him scraps, he would give him a full meal, in exchange for a prayer, according to WSMV. What if the homeless man wasn't religious, what if the manager was Muslim and the man was Christian or Buddhist? Is it ok to make him pray in order to eat anyway? Do you think there's nothing wrong with having to pray for a meal? Listen to the conversation below and vote!

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