Yesterday’s Know Thyself Community Wednesday discussion was a very passionate one and I do believe deep down inside that the majority of the community would love to lend a hand in helping our children and their future. One of the most intelligent comments made was from a 18 year old Stephon, that pretty much boiled it down to a three way street. He said that the student has to want to do better, the parents or parent has to want better for the student, and the teacher has to be willing to want better for both student and parent.

It is time to stop placing blame and pointing the finger and get to some positive action to so that we can cause a paradigm shift in our community. Now we have interim superintendent Amber M. Dixon and others heading to Albany today to challenge whether or not the state’s decision to withhold close to 6 million dollars is legal.

Buffalo is the only district in the state, out of 10 that lost funding about 3 months ago and is trying to get the money restored.