According to WIVB, Buffalo Police Department cell block employee  Matthew Jaskula has been removed from his position as senior cell block attendant at the Buffalo Holding Facility after being accused of beating inmates.

The 26 year-old  faces up to 10 years in jail and a large fine if he is found guilty.  The Dept of Justice is handling the case and he's accused of deprivation of human rights and Jaskula is being held on felony charges. He allegedly forced an inmate's face into a door leaving him unconscious. Then put him in a restraint chair for 45 minutes without giving him medical attention. Reports say he lied and said the inmate had a bloody nose.

He has worked for The BPD for 3 years, but sources say he began "abusing his power" when he received a promotion in May.

Jaskula is due in court Friday. See full story here