WTH! This guy must have been watching too many movies! A man hoping to join the Buffalo Police Department used a stand-in to take his physical test!

Credit: WIVB

Now, Justin Payne, who wanted to be a cop so badly is sitting in jail on misdemeanor charges. Payne is 260 pounds, not fit enough to pass the physical test required to be an officer. That's when Payne allegedly came up with a fool-proof scheme, at least in the movies maybe, to have another man stand in for his test, according to WIVB! When the stand-in showed up to take Payne's test, his fingerprints obviously didn't match Payne's!

Buffalo Police Lt. Jeff Rinaldo says, “We do fingerprints not only at the written exam, we also do them at the physical agility exam, and we also do photographs at the physical agility exam. So why someone thought that they could get away with it, I’m not quite sure. But it didn’t work.”

It made me think though, of how many over-wight officers I have seen. Obviously at one point they were fit, but somewhere along the way there were no physical tests to keep them in check, so they let it go. Do you think all police officers should go through routine physical tests, with the potential to be suspended or fired if they don't pass?

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