I was driving down Seneca Street awhile ago and happened across a guy jumpin' around doing kicks and punches in public at a small off the road small Park-Like setting on a small corner.  So I pulled over and started talking to the man who identifioed himself as 'JOEY BAD MAN MORISSON' ... I interviewed Joey and the video the 1st Video) went completely VIRAL!!!!

The attraction to this gentleman is somewhat hidden within the FACT that he is a 44 Year-Old Man who is DETERMINED to be a Champion, although his record to date is ZERO WINS & 4 LOSES!

Despite his record, Joey has been 'TRAINING' his 'BUTT OFF' (as he puts it) and claims he is READY FOR ANYONE ... but specifically his next opponent on August 15 ... Mickey 'No Legs' Gaskins!