Is Buffalo home to the most unique coffee joint in New York? OnlyInYourState put together a list of "18 Unique Coffee Shops in New York", and Buffalo, NY, claims TWO of the spots!

The first is Cafe Taza, 100 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY, which has 4.5 stars on Yelp.The Mike Tyson appears to be a favorite of cafe goers. It is a 'dirt chai' and apparently it's a drink to try if you visit, if you go by Yelp reviewers.

"There's more hipsterness in this tiny Allentown coffeeshop than in most hip places in Toronto, brewing affordable and interesting drink concoction ideas," Steven said on Yelp.

"The cutest, most quaint little coffee shop I've come across in my life," Naitik said.

Also on the list from OnlyInYourState is Sweet_ness 7 Cafe, located at 220 Grant St. (at Lafayette Ave.), Buffalo.

"Before you even walk through the door you'll already find yourself in awe over the personality beaming from Sweet_ness 7 Cafe," OnlyInYourState says. "...Inside the cafe you'll find its personality continues on throughout the store, appearing through comical reminders and funky decor," OnlyInYourState claims.

On Yelp the establishment currently has four out of five stars.

"What a great place for a meal and just sitting with friends for coffee! It's all about the great atmosphere, the good people and the excellent high quality food," Jeff writes on Yelp.

"I can't believe I waited so long to try this place out! I'm a huge fan on my first visit," Jen, of Buffalo, wrote on Yelp.

What do you think? Have you been to either of these Buffalo coffee shops? What did you think of them?

Check out the rest of the list from OnlyInYourState and see if Syracuse or Albany is as awesome as Buffalo! What is YOUR favorite coffee shop in Western New York?! We are always looking for recommendations on something new to try!