Well I know most will say nothing happens in Buffalo after 2 a.m., but you're wrong! There are 10 great things that happen in Buffalo around that time. You'd be surprised at what you find out. This is to honor the nightlife fun in the city!

1. This sandwich from Jim's Steakout

2. The glory of Frizzy's photo booth

3) Celebrity gawking and classy cocktails at Mothers

4. The mere existence of The Old Pink

5. Meteor showers. That's all.

6. The jams get going strong

7. Bonding with old friends

8. The weirdos come out at night

9. A student-free University Heights

You've heard of the gangs of students in Buffalo's University Heights neighborhood? Those problems diminish at 2 a.m., when the last bus departs for North Campus. So your window for fun in the Heights runs from 2 to 4 a.m. and beyond.

10. The realization that you live in a city with a rich culture, one that is worth staying out until 4 a.m. to enjoy.