The costumes were out and the parties were on over the Halloween weekend in and around Buffalo, NY. Even though Halloween isn't typically the most romantic holiday of the year, love was apparently...maybe...somewhat...possibly in the air.

We headed over to Buffalo's Craigslist because hey, sometimes it's fun to look at what people have for sale or are giving away for free, or complaining about; and we stumbled across these five missed connections that happened around Halloween this year.

From a 'Bane Girl' on the town to dancing a go-go, a cute-meet, a run in with someone's 'dream girl' in Allentown to a dancing cowgirl, check out these Buffalo, NY, Halloween Missed Connections.

  • Cowgirl at the Cove Halloween Party

    "I was standing on the dance floor and you were on my right side," a Buffalo Craigslist user wrote. "Not sure if you had a boyfriend or not...
    "I kept glancing over to you and our eyes definitely connected....My face was painted and my head shaved bald.
    "Not sure if you can tell me the color of my face or who I dressed up as. But I did go up for the costume contest."



  • 'Never Kissed a Stranger Before'

    "I just wanted to say thank you for making my AL HALLOWS EVE an Allentown Fairy-tale that will be remembered forever," a Buffalo Craigslist user wrote.

    "You were the first women to ever show me that kind of (real)love and affection , and I am still reliving our time together.

    "I've never picked up a women at a bar or kissed a stranger in one either , but after that night I wouldn't call you a stranger exactly....

    "I know you said that we would probably never see each other again but I really hope we do."

  • Girl Dressed Like Go-go

    "I enjoyed dancing with you on Halloween night. I was the girl who was all dressed up in black and white."

  • Bane Girl in Allentown

    "You were Bane and you were gorgeous. The mask was hot but then you took it off to chug a drink and I fell in love. I'm sure you didn't notice me at all. We didn't make eye contact ever. I just want you to know you're my dream girl."

  • There for You to Fall On

    "The night before Halloween. I was walking towards the door at the Old Pink, when you 'tripped' and hugged me, you said 'it's a good thing you were here to fall on' it was cute, you caught me off guard, then ventured off. I couldn't tell what your costume was."