While the Brown/Houston Family hold onto to little hope that one day Bobbi Kristina will recover from her severe brain damage, a family here in Buffalo has made the difficult decision to transform a personal tragedy into a life saving miracle for three others. Watch the amazing story of 6 yr old Dae'Jah Dalmida and how you too can help save a life!

Dae'Jah Dalmida had a severe asthma attack that caused her to go into cardiac arrest which ultimately led to a severe case of lack of oxygen administered to the brain. Although the doctors did everything to save her, was declared brain dead. Before her final breath and despite grievance, the family chose to donate her organs which have already saved three lives and gave two more the gift of sight!

Deidre Dalmida, President and Kristine Mitchell, Vice-President created the non profit Princess Daejah Inc in order to start a fundraiser to provide medical assistance, home care, medicine administration and or whatever else may be needed to asthmatic families and those needing organ transplants.

Support the online campaign with a donation of $5 or more.

I have the honor of hosting the first Annual Fundraising event August 1st at Schiller Park. Stay tuned for details.