The most popular "Hip Hop" website has a great representation of Buffalo. Everybody should be happy and celebrate the view of Buffalo seen below. A guy beating up some girl after the club. Things like this destroy the moral of the city. This is why people don't like to go out and most of Buffalo clubs/bars don't cater to "black crowds". This is crazy one dude is beating up a girl and only one person runs over to help or stop it. The camera man watches and screams "We putting this on world star". Then you wonder why no body wants to let you have anything ? The only people I think acted like they had any sense in this video are the two dudes at the end. They were minding their own business and this woman beater comes up and punches their truck.

We have got to do better recording this animalistic behavior and putting it on the internet isn't doing anybody any good. I'm undecided who is the actual Big Dummy here. Was it the dude that was fighting the girls ? The guy trying to break it up ? The girls fighting ? The guys in the truck ? or the cameraman ? Vote below