Lesean Mccoy of the Buffalo Bills was among 3 other NFL players who cops are accusing them of severely beating two off duty cops at an Philadelphia bar last night. According to FOX 29, sources say that the officers suffered numerous injuries including fractured skull, broken ribs, and a broken nose. Everyone was ejected from the restaurant following the brawl.Sources report that video was not taken of the brawl between police officers and the NFL players; however there is video of the players and officers being tossed from the bar.

Police were reportedly not called to the scene, according to sources. Also, it is unclear if the off-duty officers identified themselves as police. The argument allegedly occurred over alcohol.Police reports were filed after the incident. Schratwieser reports that it is being investigated as aggravated assault because of the injuries incurred, however no charges have been filed yet. Read the Buffalo Bills statement regarding Lesean Mccoy