The '$100 Million Dollar Man' wants his SUPER $785,000 RING back!

Mario Williams' engagement to Erin Marzouki has been called OFF, and Mario is demanding his ring back. According to numerous news reports, Williams is saying that Marzouki agreed to give the ring back if the relationship ended.

Who does that????? Who gives someone an engagement ring and discusses giving it back if things don't work out???? And what woman could handle the disrespect the question suggests and say, "YES, I'LL MARRY YOU!"??

According to, Etiquette Guru Emily Post says Marzouki "SHOULD" give the ring and other items back. also reports Marzouki charged $108,000 on an American Express credit card Williams gave her and spent $230,000 on other luxury items.

This is all too weird to me. The report says Williams is alleging Marzouki never intended to marry him and that she said "YES" only to get gifts and some of his $100 million!!!!

Can't say I blame her....Mario sure knows how to spend some money....Check out the videos below!!!!