Apparently, the Buffalo-Niagara Falls region has a higher number of minorities living in poverty than most other cities in the country. Syracuse, Detroit, Rochester, Milwaukee, Fresno and Cleveland are in the same boat.

The Buffalo-Niagara Falls metro area is among the ten metropolitan areas with the "highest concentration of Hispanic poverty", according to Architecture of Segregation: Civil Unrest, the Concentration of Poverty, and Public Policy study.

The study also shows some that Buffalo neighborhoods have poverty rates of 60 to 80 percent, according to WIVB.

And apparently, things are not on the upswing for those living in poverty, especially minorities. The concentration of African-American poverty in the area jumped about 16 percent from 2000 to 2013. In 2013, the African-American poverty rate was 46.4 percent, according to the study via WIVB.