Buffalo,  last night the bar was raised. My lil' Bro DJ Wire had the official swagg 16 birthday bash. The spot was packed wall to wall and everybody was having a good time with no problems. He definitively showed his age bracket the correct way to throw a successful event.

 When I say the whole city came out anybody who was someone came through including some of Buffalo's best DJs. DJ Focus , DJ Leek and DJ All Star. I had the pleasure of being booked to DJ this great event.

Plenty of food and drinks (bottled water and all flavors of soda lol) were available all night. DJ Wire even took the time to spin at his own birthday event, and after last night I see why they call him "Young Funk Master Flex". The crowd went crazy when he got on. Like I always say, "This kid is a problem". DJ All Star and DJ Leek also got the spot rocking with all the latest hits.

I have to admit when I first got booked to DJ I was a little nervous because the kids were a bit younger than the crowd I'm use to rocking but it was all the way turnt up all night and from the look of his Facebook wall everybody who was there can agree last night went down in the books.