Buffalo's very own Brian McKnight is making his way into THE BIG DUMMY FILES.  He is releasing an ADULT MIX TAPE and the lead song is LET ME SHOW YOU HOW YOUR P($&Y works.   Brian McKnight you look and sound like a pervert but to each his own. This is a good example of how some people just don't know how to sit down and be satisfied. Brain McKnight is going through a mid life crisis. He still wants more groupies more platinum plaques, more radio spins.  He is fiending for that old spot light back instead of riding off into the sunset with his lady and living happily ever after. I guess it's no such thing when people have no limits. Maybe he thought being explicit and nasty like the young R&B singers would get him there.  Do you stop to think what about the legacy you leave behind?  Now it is tainted with this tasteless music? I'm not even a Brian McKnight fan and I know he knows better than this.  For some it may not be class less or distasteful because they never could or never will reach the level skill and creativity of your classics, but you're Brian McKnight.   Sometimes that should be enough and call it a day man.  The public doesn't need this not from Brian McKnight.   Welcome the legendary singer to THE BIG DUMMY FILES. On another note why does this 43 year old man have a mohawk. Never thought I would have to put this in front of a BRIAN MCKNIGHT song (EXPLICIT).

Here is some of the things Brian McKnight fans tweeted :