The reigning WBA International Super Lightweight Boxing champ Adrien Broner has been called a lot of things recently especially after that “Can Man” speech after his last fight and none of which were positive, but he showed a more generous side of himself a couple days ago.

The boxing champ saw a homeless man at the stop light and with the cell phone camera rolling he turns to the camera and says "Now this is gonna make his f**king day right here." Then we see Broner give the man $1,000.00 cash money.

Now I wish the story ended there but it takes a sad turn. A few days later a video surfaces of the man who received the money from the champ and he had a black eye and claimed due to the video going viral people kept asking him for money. He claimed he was robbed and beat up for the money before he could get an apartment or really spend any of the money. If true this is very sad and the people who did this should be ashamed of themselves. Watch the heart breaking video below and let me know what you think.