Here we go again. reports that a Dallas promoter is being sued for allegedly misrepresenting himself as an agent for Young Jeezy, then pocketing a $50,000 advance for a show.

Monday, Chris Moreno, Sonny Manila and Roger Manila, the three promoters who filed the lawsuit, claims that Carlos Godspeed of Top Agent Booking represented himself as the official booking agent for Young Jeezy, who was to perform at a Houston venue back in 2008.

Godspeed is accused of returning $23,000 of the $50,000 advance, leaving a balance of $27,000. The promoters claim that Godspeed has held the remaining $27,000 balance.

This is the second lawsuit filed against Carlos Godspeed in 2 months.

Godspeed was named in another lawsuit claiming they took almost $50,000 to deliver rappers Drake and Ciara, who were never booked for the event.

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