While we all agree that the murder of Trayvon Martin is a tragedy, there are other equally tragic murders being committed almost daily in our city!

There have been 255 homicides in Buffalo over the last 5 years, a significant number of which have been Black on Black homicides.  How do we protect our daughters and our own “Trayvon Martins” from dying at the hands of another African American? Does how we are portrayed by the media affect the self-worth of our youth? Does the lack of Black History in our schools and community reduce the importance of our existence today? Have our community leaders and elected officials abandoned us? Has our own brand of color-ism poisoned our culture and our children? These questions and more will be raised when…

We are Women Warriors Community and Family Empowerment Group Presents

“Beyond The Hoodie”

An open discussion on Black on Black Homicide

WHEN:                 Today

TIME:                    5:30 PM TO 7:45 PM

WHERE:                Frank E. Merriweather Library

1324 Jefferson Avenue