Demetrius Baker Jr. called up a local news station and to tell them he and his fiancée, Michelle Cardinal, were being harassed and racially intimidated by a white neighbor who disapproved of their relationship. Demetrius claimed the neighbor called him the n-word, tried to fight him and broke into his garage and cut all of the wires (including the brake line) under the hood of his car. He also claimed the neighbor stabbed their dogs.

They even went so far as to file several police reports and get a restraining order against the neighbor. Since police didn't have much proof to arrest the suspect, they installed surveillance cameras outside the interracial couple's home and guess what they found? Demetrius (THE BIG DUMMY) committed all the crimes. Police say he did so in an effort to control his girlfriend. He was arrested and charged with stalking and mistreatment of animals. Demetrius with all the valid racial tension in the world you use racism as a platform to control your girlfriend ?