Big Sean's fourth album, Dark Sky Paradise, debuts today and so far, he's released some pretty strong singles with "One Man Can Change the World" and "Win Some, Lose Some."

Now the rapper drops the visuals for "Dark Sky (Skyscrapers)," a cinematic-sounding track on which the Detroit MC recounts his early days and his journey to the top.

Directors Dylan Knight and Andrew Hines create a dark and sullen world for the G.O.O.D. Music rhymer as he delivers his lyrics. Gone are the dancing women and the big gold chains. Instead, Sean rhymes in an elevator, moving from the basement to the roof.

"Imagine stuck in the D and you trying to find a way out / And yeah, your music been bumping and you just waiting to break out / And I've been waiting all God d---- year, all year, I can tell that it's near, but near ain't here / Man, them bills is here right now, I guess you shine brightest when the lights down, like now," he spits.

"Skyscrapers" is just one of the cuts that showcases Sean's progress from 2011's Finally Famous. The 26-year-old rapper has been through his fair shares of ups and downs -- a failed engagement being on of them -- and those experiences are reflected in his writing.

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