Hip-hop fans rejoiced when photos popped up of Big Sean and Eminem in the studio together in April. Now the question remains: when are we going to hear the collaborative effort from these two Detroit spitters?

In an interview with MTV News, Sean said that his track with Slim Shady will be a "Detroit classic." The G.O.O.D. Music artist is currently hammering out the paper work to have the song on his upcoming LP, 'Hall of Fame.'

Sean also revealed that he and Em shared similar musical paths growing up in D-Town.

"We talked for a few hours before we even worked on music," he said. "I was telling him my stories about how we were performing all around downtown Detroit and [it turned out that] he was performing in the same places."

"It was funny because every story I told him about how I lost a lot of friends, relationships and girls... and [how I've] made new friends, he was like, 'Man, it's crazy, because every story you telling me, I got the exact same story just in a different way,'" he continued.

Although no release date has been confirmed for 'Hall of Fame,' Big Sean hopes to drop his first single from the LP on June 19.