As we get ready to live "Extreme in 2013", I had to recap my Big 12 moments of 2012. And no Blue Ivy did not make my list! Check out what did inside! 


The rise of the Ratchet! Rapper Trinidad James' (image) is everything that is wrong with hip-hop right now. Yet in 2012, he got a $2.5 million record deal! Click here for the story.


PSY gained the most views on YouTube EVER and his song is in Korean! But bigger than that was Gangnam Style/ 2 Legit To Quit Mash-up on the 2012 AMA's with MC Hammer! Click Here for the Story


The Drake/ Chris Brown fight in NYC! We STILL don't know what really happened that night, but it had twitterverse gone wild! Click here for the story


While we're on the subject, Rihanna had a pretty big year! From posing nude on the cover of GQ to her never-ending erotic posts on instagram and rolling weed on top of dude's head at Cochella!


The Miami Zombie eating the homeless man's face off and the whole "Bath Salt" phenomenon! Click here for the story.


TUPAC BACK!!! Cochella fans were WOW'd at the sight of Tupac Shakur performing in 2012 with Snoop Dogg. Click Here for the Story.


Gabby Douglas' Olympic Hair Scandal & becoming the first African American to win the All-around Gold in Gymnastics.


YES WE DID! The Re-Election of President Barack Obama! Despite all the racism, he still came out on top!


The Uppercut heard around the world! The video of the bus driver punching the female passenger went viral and landed him in jail!

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Whitney Huston murdered before the Grammys. Yes even though her cause of death i.s officially a drowning, a Private Investigator is now saying that she was murdered by her cocaine dealer! Click here for that story.

I Am Trayvon Martin. Even though they tried to portray him as a gang-banging drug dealer, the unarmed teen who was gunned down in Florida brought the community together to rally against the "Stand Your Ground Law"


The 2012 Apocalypse! For the last 18 months, I've heard people talking about the End of the World that was coming on 12.21.12.


I never bought into this idea. The Mayan Calendar suggests the End of Time, not the End of the World!! I believe we are entering the age of Aquarius. A time of Love & Peace on Earth! And So it is. Amen