Beyonce is known as an all-around threat. Her performances are known to be full of passion and power and her videos are visuals into her mind.  The new video for her single "1+1" uses illusions and subtle movement to captivate you right from the beginning. No crazy dance that will create a virus of new YouTube postings, no crazy green screen locations. You can feel the vulnerability as she lays her emotions in front of you.

The simplicity of the song is what makes it so remarkable. I respect Beyonce's decision to further that concept and create a video that is just as easy going but effective at the same time.

From the high-energy "Run The World" to the message-loud-and-clear "Best Thing I Never Had" this is the perfect third visual for the new album 4. "1+1" is the 2011 "Dangerously In Love" and I believe this video will capture the hearts of the true artists in the world.