After she closed out the Grammy's last week, Beyonce is back to open up the all-star tribute to Stevie Wonder. Watch her 9 minute performance and Stevie's acceptance speech here.

The Queen Bey ascends from the audience to join musicians Ed Sheeran and Gary Clark Jr. on stage and deliver a special rendition of "Fingerprints," "Master Blaster (Jammin')" and "Higher Ground" that had everyone on their feet!!


Stevie Wonder is such an inspiration to all, but he remained humble as he took to the stage to address his adoring fans with a message of LOVE.

He told the crowd,

“I love you, first of all, because the God that I serve says that we should love everyone. I also love you because it feels better to love than to hate. And I believe that if we can just come together, because we must come together, because we are at spiritual warfare, and we must, without question, let the world know that love is king and queen.”