The town of Tonawanda of Erie County has a population of over 70,000. From 1836 until the earlier 1900s it included the city of Tonawanda as well. It includes two public high schools, Kenmore West Senior High and Kenmore East High as well as St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute, Mt. St. Mary's and Cardinal O'Hara High.

  • The Meaning

    Tonawanda means "swift waters" and comes from Neuter and Erie Indians.

  • Trading Center

    The Town of Tonawanda was formed on April 16, 1836 as an agricultural and trading center.

  • Kenmore

    The Village of Kenmore is located within the town.


  • One of the Largest

    Kenmore is one of the largest incorporated villages in the state.

  • The City

    The City of Tonawanda was a part of the Town of Tonawanda until parting from it in March 23, 1903.

  • Property Value

    As of 2012, the Town of Tonawanda property valued at $5.4 billion, real property was valued at $2.5 billion.

  • Area

    The Village of Kenmore is 915 acres while the town outside of the village is 12,000 acres, a total of 20.2. square miles.

  • Temperature

    The mean summer temperature is 67 degrees while the winter mean is 27.8 degrees.